Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oriental East

Rating: Great!
Genre: Cantonese Dim Sum
Neighborhood: Silver Spring

Cantonese Dim Sum is by far my absolute favorite type of food out there, and Oriental East is the place to get it. I travel all the way from Falls Church, VA (where there conveniently are two dim sum venues within 4 miles form me) to Silver Spring to get their Dim Sum. No other dim sum place matches up! Even if you go to the popular dim sum places in NYC where all the crazy Chinese people go and fight each other to get to the carts, it's still not going to be as good as Oriental East.

Dim Sum is served on the weekends, which is the only time I ever come here, so my rating is based on just their Dim Sum. If you're coming here to get Dim Sum, be prewarned that you'll need to wait in line if you want to get into the first round of seating. I recommend being one of these folks because I believe their Dim Sum is while supplies last (and it's fresh). If you come for the second round of seating, you may miss out on some of the good stuff. I don't recommend getting in line any later than 10:45, though I would get there by 10:30.

My absolute favs here are the shrimp dumplings, shrimp crepes, salt water dumplings, taro dumplings, radish cakes, bbq pork buns, spare ribs, black bean clams, and oh so much more! Everything is fresh out of the kitchen, steaming hot and ready to melt in your mouth. The steam cart is the most popular so when you get your chance to order from it, get as much as you can! If the cart never comes around to you, you could always order it directly from your waiter, that is if you can get his attention.
The only place I dock my point off is the service. The ladies pushing the carts are very sweet and the male waiters are running around like chickens with their heads cut off in order to serve you. I'm not the most vocal person so I often have trouble getting the attention of a waiter to refill my water (I usually just go out to the pitcher table and fill my own water). I actually don't really mind the chaos, but it can fluster many of my non-chinese friends when I bring them there. If you're not use to the scene, you may get a bit frustrated by the lack of service and the crazy old chinese ladies hogging the attention of all the waiters in the house.

Trust me when I say that the dim sum here is really some of the best. Don't get flustered by the craziness and try not to get a table on the other side of the bar, cause then none of the carts will come your way. I would give this place a "Just like mother's" score, but I still need to take in consideration the service you'll receive. Regardless, I LOVE the food and will always be making the extra long drive here on weekends to get it!!

1312 E West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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