Monday, June 13, 2011

Fu Shing

Rating: Great!
Genre: Chinese-Taiwanese Fushion
Neighborhood: Gaithersburg

Fu Shing Cafe serves up a fushion of a variety of different Chinese and Taiwanese style dishes. There's no specific style of cooking here, but just little bit of every style. Think of those dishes they serve up at a take-out Chinese place, except made really, really well. The restaurant concept is also a bit more simplified. You get your table, you get your menus (with full colored photos!), decide what you want, then go up to the cashier to order. Some of their simpler dishes are served cafeteria style, like their boxed California rolls, and the rest of the stuff is whipped up by the kitchen. Don't worry, they don't make you wait around for a number to pick up your food, waiters do come bring it to you and you receive restaurant full service. The dishes that come out are served family style and they're gi-normous. Bring a large party when you go so you'll be able to order a lot of dishes.

I typically go in a group of eight or more, and we still tend to over order because there's just so many good things to get! For drinks, I like to order their coffee bubble tea because it's so different from any other bubble tea you can find. They only serve two types of bubble tea, that being coffee and other is milk tea. The tapioca pearls are the small ones used in the rice pudding. The tea and coffee is stronger than what I'm use to, which I like. For the smaller dishes to start with, I usually get the spicy wontons, spicy noodles, tendons, fried dumplings, and wonton soup. I highly recommend the spicy wontons and spicy noodles! They're soaked in chili oil and soy sauce, but they're not that spicy.

As for the larger dishes, my usual's are the (and I'm probably getting the names wrong here) peking duck sliders, the shrimp and chicken lettuce wrap, spicy ma-po tofu fish, kung pao chicken, Chinese spinach, tofu balls, shrimp balls, and some other spicy chicken dish. The must gets here are the peking duck sliders, shrimp and chicken lettuce wrap, and the spicy fish. The peking duck sliders are fried slices of duck which you can put inside a mantou with some hoisin sauce and scallions. The shrimp and chicken lettuce wrap is prepared just like your usual lettuce wrap. The filling is a ground chicken and shrimp mixture that you wrap in a lettuce provided. The fish in spicy tofu is a must-get from this place. You get the whole fish boiling served up in a soupy goodness of spicy ma-po tofu over a fire. The fire slowly goes out slowly but the fish is boiling hot the whole time. Watch out for the bones when going at it though. At some point, when you finish on side of the fish, you and someone else at the table are going to have to work together to flip it. How many other places do you know of that gives you the whole fish in one piece??

When you're planning your next big get together, go here. Enjoy a great family style meal served up on a giant-ass lazy susan in the middle of the table. What I love most about this place is you can eat so many different things for one meal. The dishes here are all well made and delicious, and most likely you'll have plenty of leftovers to bring home for lunch the next day. Take-out is also available, so is probably the one time I'm actually going to recommend a Chinese take-out place. It's a fun experience coming here and its a great place for large family/friendly get togethers. Go, spend two hours eating, and enjoy yourself!

576 N Frederick Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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