Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Rating: Good
Genre: Korean, Fusion
Neighborhood: All over DC

After months of carefully eyeballing Food Truck Fiesta (a website for tracking the food trucks in the DC area), I finally got to see the constantly talked about Takorean food truck come by my block. Takorean has made famous the concept of the "Korean Taco" which is basically a soft taco shell, stuffed with a typical Korean BBQ meant like Bulgogi, with shredded Kimichi slaw, then topped with an assortment of Korean seasonings. Concept is pretty cool right? Korean food has recently started becoming the new Asian food fad among Americans, so it comes to no surprise the TaKorean truck has gained so much popularity. I was both excited and skepticle about it. I love Korean food so I had no idea how the tacos would comepare to the real deal.

The line was relatively short compared to other lines I've seen from trucks that park in, say Farragut Sqaure (this is probably why trucks don't come around my building as often). I waited about 20 minutes until I got to order, but the food came out pretty fast. I ordered one of each meat: the bulgogi, the chicken, and the tofu. They offer two slaws to choose from, kimchi and cabbage seasoned in a vinagrette. I asked to get both on my tacos. On top of that I got the works (the lime sauce, shiracha sauce, lettuce, cilantro and seasme seeds). The first thing I noticed was how colorful and pretty it was (think when you go to Chipotle). I was pretty excited to dig in!

The first one I took a chomp out of was the tofu taco. I thought the tofu was soft and flavorful! So far so good. The tortilla was good too, except they double layer it, making it thicker than I perfer. The slaw was nice, except I couldn't really taste any spice from the kimchi one. At first I thought they forgot the kimchi slaw, but I saw it in there. I speculate they numbed down the taste of the kimchi for the American taste bud. It also wasn't as spicy as I would like it. They are pretty weak on the amount of siracha sauce, so if you like spicy, ask them to put more. Overall, it was a pretty good first taco. The second taco was the bulgogi. The bulgogi meat was very thick! Nothing like the finely sliced rib-eye I'm use to when eating bulgogi. Meh, it was alright. Lastly the chicken. Now I didn't find the chicken too flavorful nor tender so I'd say it was okay. Something else also seemed missing, then I realized they forgot the slaw. Whoops! Oh well. By the time I was working on my third taco, the tortilla was drying out around the edges. So my meal started off good and ended just okay.

On the note of food trucks, I tried the Sauca truck today as well. Sauca isn't specifically Asian food, but it is international. They take a variety of ethnic dishes, like Butter Chicken, and wrap it in pita bread. Another option is to just get it served on rice, which is what I did. I ended up ordering the Pork Bahn Mi (a Vietnamese dish). I also love Vietnamese food, but I thought this pork was too overly sweet. Not bad though, I'd still try on of their other choice if they ever came back.

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